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our buggies

Which will you choose......


The quad

£20 for 40 Minutes / £25 for 1 Hour

Perfect for a family adventure. Go and explore your surroundings as if it were your own mini adventure.

berg buddy pro.jpeg

the solo

£9 for 40 Minutes / £12 for 1 Hour

Let the little ones lead the way while you follow on foot. Ages 4-12. Not currently available to pre-book.



£13 for 40 Minutes / £18 for 1 Hour

For 2 older children or 1 adult & 1 child. Take turns driving while the other navigates Dintons' many pathways.


The DUO Coaster

£13 for 40 Minutes / £18 for 1 Hour

Perfect for 2 adults. Also suitable for 2 children aged 10+. This is great fun and both get to peddle


The hire process is a simple one. Come and chat to us and our team will get you set up and send you off on your mini adventure within no time. We can provide you with a map of the park, or you can let your instinct lead the way.....

To hire a buggy you must be 18 years old and remember to bring;

  • Photo ID (Driving Licence, Passport, National ID Card), &

  • Non-Cash Payment Method (Bank Card, Apple / Google Pay etc)

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